Wouldn’t if be incredible to be able to instantly add highlights or lowlights to your hair without the expense and damage of chemicals? Or to look younger because you have fuller hair? How about improving your hair’s texture, adding length or restoring damaged hair in a very short amount of time? The answer to all these problems is hair extensions!

Hair extensions give every woman the opportunity to break away from the hair that has bound her to a specific look. Hair extensions allow her to be master of her own image and is a wise investment for the woman who will accept nothing but the best.

Dawn is the hair extensions master. Her work is in the world of fashionable, trendy, current hair styles that are being worn by international celebrities around the world; some who admit it to having hair extensions, others who don’t. Dawn is the only Canadian certified with Mark Barrington Concepts Inc., the strand-by-strand reusable hair extensions method. She is certified with Great Lengths & Hair Police as well.

We all have dreams of having amazing hair and I look forward to helping you to have the hair you could only dream of... until now!

Now, you can have dreads with absolutely no glue or wax. Dreads can be created on any hair texture, even fine and straight hair. Hair that is at least 4"-6" long can be dreaded with a Dread Perm which is a unique method of instantly making permanent dreadlocks. Or we can apply Dread Extensions to any length of hair which will add dreads any length you want and with no damage to your own hair. Both can be combined for more permanently dreaded hair.

At Dawn Rivard’s studio, we offer one-on-one attention in a professional, private and laid back atmosphere. Her first priority is that her clients are 100% happy. Please read the FAQ, check out our hair extensions photo gallery, and then if you’re ready for the commitment of having amazing hair, contact Dawn via email at for your consultation!

Make an investment in yourself. Wear what the stars are wearing. Premium products for a premium woman... you deserve it.