"Thank you so much for clearing your schedule and coming to work on The Rover. Your work on the show is fabulous and offers the perfect finishing touch to my designs."

Jessica H.
Designer, "The Rover"

"Thank you for everything! I learn more each time we get to work together. I admire your work, artistry and easy-going nature."

Alex M.
Actor, Singer

"Your energy and the quality of your worth exceeded all of my expectations! You're amazing!! I can't thank you enough."

Producer - Marriott Lindonlshire Theatre

"Some of my fondest memories of this shoot will be around events that occurred before I got to set. And for that, I thank YOU."

Henry Czerny
Actor "Salem Witch Trials"

"I want to thank you sooo much for helping me out and for all your support, physical, emotional and verbal. You are the best co worker I've had. You've made my job so much easier and I appreciate all you've done."

Department Head

"Thank you for a most pleasant run of Tristan. You are a joy to have as a colleague."

"Tristan und Isolde"

"Wow! Wow! Wow! In response to your make-up, in response to your wigs, in response to you!! You are the greatest gift this production received. I am humble to know you!

Marc Robin
Director "Cats"

"The transformation of the characters is spectacular. Thank you for making me look like a star."

Meagan B.

"The wigs look amazing! Thank you so much for making everyone look so stunning in Guys & Dolls and for being such a kind and funny person at the same time! You deserve a huge thanks!"

Stephanie Layton
Actor "Guys & Dolls"

"Your caring, smiling and talented self makes me and others eager to sit in your chair. Thank you so much for the kindness of your words and the brilliance of your brushes."

Singer "The Last Duel"

"Your great make-up and wig helped this show to be so wonderful Thanks for the TLC!"

Megan Latham
Singer "The Last Duel"

"Thank you for your incredible work under less than ideal circumstances. You have done an amazing job. I am in your debt!"

La Rondine

"Thank you very much for transforming me into the fairy creature. It was my first time and I enjoyed the experience. You are a very gifted artist!"


"You have done a fantastic job as usual! Thanks so much for being approachable and encouraging. I admire your ability to find something to talk about with all of us! You are great."

Katherine W.

"I want to thank you so much for all the time and beautiful work you have contributed. You are truly a master at what you do. The wigs are beautiful. Thanks for all your help every night."

Anne Horak
Actor "Guys & Dolls"

"Thanks for making me look pretty! You are amazingly talented!"


"Thank you very much for designing our show's wigs and doing my hair everyday. You are so talented and have been so pleasant to work with."

Lauren R.

"Thank you for transforming our motley crew into fabulous examples of pre-war fun! Your expert touch has helped create a stylish group of beggars."


"Dude, don't leave; you rock! I love you, your wigs, the make-up and I can't wait to see you again."

Lara M.
Dancer "Cats"

"I have loved learning from you. Thank you!"


"Thanks for all of your help and support. This show wouldn't be possible without you!"

Mara N.

"Thanks so much for your patience and guidance! I learned so much and did have lots of fun!"


I don't know if I've told you this, but you're terrific. I absolutely adore you, your work is incredible and I always learn a lot. You deserve much thanks."


"You did a fantastic job making me feel beautiful for every performance."

Camilla Scott
Actress, "Crazy for You"

"Thank you for a magnificent job on this challenging project. I have felt totally confident and comfortable throughout thanks to you!"

Jay O. Saunders
Actor, "Salem Witch Trials"

"It was a pleasure working with you. You are a superbly trained professional."

Seanna McKenna